night fall



night-fallNocturnal emission also in the medical term known as Nightfall and informally known as wet dreams. This problem is most commonly seen at the teenage due to hormonal changes. The Nightfall as the name usually occur in the night and common in both male and female, but fondly seen in the male the most. At early adult years of life when boys and girls enter the puberty stage nocturnal emission are more common. This is true that there is strong connect of body behaviour with the mind. Due to this strong chemistry between the brain and human body, various unusual behavioural swing come across and the body react accordingly.

Boys and girls unaware of the Nightfall problem assume that they have come across some serious health disorder. Which is not true, perhaps night fall is something sexual we see in the dream and the reaction of it is an ejaculation of the semen that comes out from the Seminal vessels. Due to hormonal changes the semen start to produce in the eggs gets collected in the seminal vessels. When the virtual sexual process starts in form of a dream which is quite normal in the puberty stage Nightfall happens. An individual need a sexologist counselling to make them aware of that Nightfall is not any kind of sexual disorder rather it is the natural body reaction of the adolescence stage.

The sexually active people may not come across this problem because they can release their semen by making love with their partners. If in case the sexually active and inactive both are facing bed wetting problem than masturbation can help them to ease Nightfall problem. Our company sexologist has a solution to every problem that is associated with the sex and sex life.