erectile dysfunction


What’s to know more about erectile dysfunction?

infertility-s-k-jainSex life suffers due to a lot of reason. The couples has craving for sex but unable to enjoy the sexual physical activity because of Impotence problem. There are many couples who are satisfied with their sex life but there are many unlucky couples who are suffering from sexual dysfunction like penis erectile dysfunction. While performing the sexual activity with your partner if the penis does not erect or during the middle of the sex it goes soft makes your co-partner annoying and ruin her happy mood. Thiserectile dysfunction is also known as Impotence which is a kind of sexual disorder.

There are many reasons that are the root cause of erectile dysfunction few are listed below:
  • Performance Pressure
  • Masturbation done before sex
  • Lack of blood supply in the vein of the penis
  • Stress and anxiety

If during sex if something else is going in mind it also affects penis enlargement. Our clinic that has a team of best sexologist who through their excellence in sexual medical science aims to improve their client sexual erectile dysfunction. The specialist do believe that is a strong connection between Human mind with body reaction. Our body functionality rest on thoughts that are coming to our mind. If you are thinking of office work while doing sex penis erection may not take place in spite of your partner seducing approach.

However, more involvement with the virtual world can also be one reason for erectile dysfunction that is adding disgrace in your life. There is nothing much to be worried about as this sickness is completely curable. Patient suffering from Impotence problem require a sexologist help to cure it.